Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have found my answer!!! Life is……??

After my convocation and my commisioning parade, I kept thinking to these questions, searching for the answers and hope that someone or something can satisfy me by giving me a good answer…"What is life??" i have always think that this is an unsolvable question. What is it all about?? why should i live on this world?? what is the purpose of me living on this planet?? For me, my life is for Allah, Islam and also living on this world is just to occupy 1 place of the earth,to increase population of Malaysia by 1 people, to add 1 little boy for my parents to care and worry about..and all other points…which prove that i am nobody on this world…and i found that i have lost the way of my life.

But yesterday i found my answer..from the book "Stories for a teens heart"..

What is life?
Life is a gift…accept it.
Life is an adventure…dare it.
Life is a mystery…unfold it.
Life is a game…play it.
Life is a struggle…face it.
Life is beauty…praise it.
Life is a puzzle…solve it.
Life is opportunity…take it.
Life is sorrowful…experience it.
Life is a song…sing it.
Life is a goal…achieve it.
Life is a mission…fulfill it.

MISSION!! and what is the mission of my live??^.^

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